Monthly Report 2021-03

posted jeu. 01 avril 2021

This month was very busy for me, so I couldn't do as much as I did in the past months. In the first half, I didn't even watch a single anime episode!

Well, I still did a few things worth mentioning :)


I experienced an effect that is probably already very well known. When you learn a new word, you start hearing and noticing it all the time. It happened to me with 真似 (まね: copying or imitating). I heard it in the last live from Dōgen (when Mr Yabatan casually said 物真似 (ものまね: imitation of someone)). Then, I started hearing it in a few Youtube videos, such as Miku Sensei: "アニメのキャラクターの真似をする" (you sound like an anime character). Then, I heard it again in an episode of Dr. Stone (when Gen is imitating another character).

Speaking of Youtube, I'll probably create a page with youtube links and recommendations. I'm still looking for more!


Not much to report this month, I didn't watch as much as previous month, and I mostly continued shows I was watching last month (Dr. Stone, Yakusoku no Neverland).

Finished shows

I finished Hataraku Saibou (first season), and I'll watch the second season when it's finished airing. The show was great, and I learned quite a few useless words. Oh well, that should be helpful for next season :-)