About me

Hi! I'm Maiposen, and if you're reading this, you're probably a weeb just like me. I'm French and a language enthusiast. I managed to learn English to the point I feel confident writing a website in it, and I'd like to get to the same point with Japanese. Right now, I feel like I've just arrived at the intermediate plateau, and can't advance further. I wanted to have something to keep me motivated, hence this website.

With this website, I want to share what I'm learning, connect some of the knowledge I gained from various shows. I want to experiment with various ways to present that knowledge. I think hyperlinks are a very nice representation of this knowledge web we construct in our mind. I'm still searching for a good way to use them though.

PS: if you want to share something cool in your language or a language you learn (not necessarily Japanese), don't hesitate to get in touch